# Conversion Tracking

To track the success of your TONIC. campaigns, we are offering you a completely free conversion tracking based on server to server technology, a.k.a. postback URL conversion.

A postback URL is a link provided by TONIC., that you can place somewhere into your Affiliate Network. You will find this link in step 2 of the TONIC. campaign creation.

After a conversion happens, the affiliate network sends the variable [clickid] to the TONIC. servers. With this click ID, we can assign the click and the commission to the conversion.

# TONIC. Conversion Tracking with Affiliate Networks

  1. Insert the variable [clickid] into your redirect URL
  2. Open the Optional Advanced Settings in the campaign creation step 2 in the TONIC. UI
  3. Choose payout option:
  4. Manual (you choose the commission of every conversion) variable: [payout]
  5. Auto (your affiliate network sends the commission of a conversion) variable: [value]
  6. If you choose manual, insert the commission of every conversion
  7. Insert the offered postback URL into your affiliate network (please contact your affiliate network if you can’t find it)
  8. Start your TONIC. campaign

# Conversion Statistics

We offer three different columns to analyze your conversions in your dashboards or campaign details:

  1. Conversions (number of conversions)
  2. CR (Conversion Rate = Conversion /Clicks)
  3. Payout (commission of conversions)

# Good to know

  • If our server gets a postback URL with [value] and [payout] variable on the same time, we always use the [value] variable.
  • Conversions can take up to two hours to be shown in the TONIC. stats.
  • Conversion data is available for all filtering options.
  • We can’t guarantee the correctness of the number of conversions and the commissions that your Affiliate Network or your own page sends to us. Please contact your affiliate network for any complaints.
Last Updated: 10/19/2020, 10:11:43 AM