# Category

You can target your campaigns towards multiple categories. Categories are a preset of keywords you can use for a faster setup. This document describes how you can retrieve category information, so you can use it for the Campaign API.

We recommend you cache the list of categories, as categories will not change very often.

# List Categories

Returns a list with all available categories.

URL : /categories

Method : GET

Response-Type: A list of these elements:

Property Type Description
category_id Number Category identifier
category String Category display name
adult Boolean Determines if category is adult or non-adult

Request example

GET https://api.advertiser.tonic.com/v1/categories

Result example

This is just a small subset of categories you can use

        "category_id": 1,
        "category": "Apparel & Clothing",
        "adult": 0
        "category_id": 2,
        "category": "Beauty & Cosmetics",
        "adult": 0
        "category_id": 3,
        "category": "Computers",
        "adult": 0
Last Updated: 5/26/2021, 1:43:45 PM