# Suggested CPC

We know it can be hard to get a well balanced CPC. You want to receive high quality traffic, but you also do not want to exceed your budget. That is why we offer you a suggestion on how much money you should bid per request.

The suggested CPC has been available in the UI for a while already, but now you can get a suggestion with our API!

# Get a suggested Bid

Returns the suggested bid for your queried filters.

URL: /suggested-cpc

Method: GET

Request Parameters:

You can add the following filters as query parameters:

Property Type Description Constraints Example
keyword String Get suggested cpc based on keyword Cannot use source_id or category banana
source_id String Get suggested cpc for Source ID Cannot use keyword or category 50250fef9994650020000006
category_id Number Get suggested cpc for category Cannot use keyword or source_id 2
ad_type String Get suggested cpc for ad type ppr or pop ppr
country String Get suggested cpc for country US
device String / Array Get suggested cpc for device type/-s desktop, mobile, tablet mobile
traffic_category String Get suggested cpc for non-adult or adult traffic non-adult, adult non-adult

Please keep in mind you cannot combine keyword, category_id and source_id filters. Every other filter is mandatory.

Omitting keyword, category_id and source_id returns you the suggested CPC for RON traffic.

Response-Type: A simple floating point Number

# Request examples

The following results are just examples and do not show real suggested cpcs!


GET https://api.advertiser.tonic.com/v1/suggested-cpc?ad_type=ppr&country=US&device=mobile&traffic_category=non-adult


As the request above did not provide any of the filters keyword, category_id or source_id the suggestion for RON traffic is returned.



GET https://api.advertiser.tonic.com/v1/suggested-cpc?keyword=banana&ad_type=ppr&country=US&device=desktop&traffic_category=non-adult




GET https://api.advertiser.tonic.com/v1/suggested-cpc?keyword=banana&ad_type=ppr&country=US&device=desktop&device=tablet&traffic_category=non-adult

This returns the suggested CPC for the keyword banana and for Desktop and Tablet devices.


Last Updated: 5/26/2021, 1:43:45 PM