# Feed Requests

# Requesting a Feed

To retreive a feed of bids, make a GET request with the following schema:


# Experimental Client Hint Support

You can send us client hint values as explained in the table below. The scheme is the same as above:


Please note that sending the user agent parameter ua is still required.

# Parameters

Field Query Parameter Mandatory Values Description
subdomain Specific subdomain of your publisher account
feedType ppr, ndr, pop, eml Type of feed
userName u Username / email of your publisher account
apiKey a API Key of your publisher account
keyword kw One or more Strings - seperated by , Keyword(s) you are requesting ads for
ip ip Valid IP IP of the visitor, has to match in the click
userAgent ua User Agent of the visitor, has to match in the click
domain d Domain without hostname, SHA hash if feedType is ndr Domain of the visitor is originating
category cat adult, non-adult Traffic category
format format json, xml Response format; Default: xml
cpc cpc Decimal Minimum CPC required for you to accept our bid on the visitor
subid subid max. 30 Character String, consisting of: a-z,0-9,- and _ Custom-Id for your reports and stats. Retreiving stats based on subid requires special permissions!
xff xff One or more IP addresses - seperated by , X-Forwarded-For (opens new window) header replacement
remip remip An IP address. If xff is not omitted, this is mandatory Remote IP address of the client
viewid vid A maximum 32 character String A view id you may send to recognize the request in further reports
ch-ua sec-chc-ua e.g. "Google Chrome";v="88", " Not;A Brand";v="99", "Chromium";v="88" The value of the Sec-CH-UA Client Hint Header
ch-arch sec-ch-ua-arch e.g. "x86" The value of the Sec-CH-UA-Arch Client Hint Header
ch-model sec-ch-ua-model e.g. "SM-A217F" The value of the Sec-CH-UA-Model Client Hint Header
ch-platform sec-ch-ua-platform e.g. "Android" The value of the Sec-CH-UA-Platform Client Hint Header
ch-platform-version sec-ch-ua-platform-version e.g. "9.0" The value of the Sec-CH-UA-Platform-Version Client Hint Header
ch-full-version sec-ch-ua-full-version e.g. "88.0.4324.181" The value of the Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version Client Hint Header
ch-mobile sec-ch-ua-mobile e.g. "?1" The value of the Sec-CH-UA-Mobile Client Hint Header

# Response

The response will be in the format you specified - or xml, if omitted on request.

On success the PPR/POP/EML feed will always return one result containing the cpc for a successful redirect and the target url. (As long as your account is in the testing-phase the target url contains “id=testing-“)

Field Values Description
status Number - HTTP-Code Success: 200; Failure: any other value
bid Bid One or more bids if request was successful
message String Error message if request was not successful

# Bid

Field Values Description
cpc Float Cost per click or the bid
url String Target URL

# Example

# Request


# Response



		<url> <![CDATA[https://p1.dntrck.com/tr?id=315c6ecab795ee92b844c658155a562ec4709ebb.r&tk=eyj0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJwdWIIOiJkbnR4QGFkcGlsZS5uZXQiLCJ0cyI5IjExMTAxMjQzIiwiZCI6InlvdXR1Yi5kZSJ9.Hy4JtCifb2sDjWEuWQ_JOtF9yTaytjGDqUhd3eNt01a]]> </url>


	<message>no bids</message>



	"status": 200,
		"cpc": 0.0511,
		"url": "https://p1.dntrck.com/tr?id=315c6ecab795ee92b844c658155a562ec4709ebb.r&tk=eyj0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJwdWIIOiJkbnR4QGFkcGlsZS5uZXQiLCJ0cyI5IjExMTAxMjQzIiwiZCI6InlvdXR1Yi5kZSJ9.Hy4JtCifb2sDjWEuWQ_JOtF9yTaytjGDqUhd3eNt01a"


	"status": 404,
	"message": "no bids"
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